Who Else Wants To Know The TRUTH About The Brand New Hardcover Edition Of Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle?

burn the fat feed the muscle hardcover book reviewIf you answered yes to the above question about Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle Hardcover, then by all means, keep on reading this book review!

Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle has signified a very significant breakthrough in fitness. It has been around as a book since 2002 and in a variety of forms and with a multitude of updates. It was one of the first best selling e-books on the internet and probably one the best selling e-books in fitness of all time. It has been a perennial best-seller for over 10 years with more than 300,000 satisfied customers all over the world (yes, it’s actually well known on other planets too).

What Is This Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle Book?
Aka BFFM to those of us who known it well, of just “Burn The Fat”, it’s a book that teaches the most effective principles of improving your body i.e. by burning off body fat and preserving lean muscle. It teaches, it does not instruct nor does it put you in a vice of tight programming that you must follow “or else”. It is well structured with everything you need to know to effectively build a lifestyle around your health & fitness, while maintaining a sensible approach, without starving or eating crazy supplements. In fact, Burn The Fat is based solely on wholesome nutritional foods that are high in nutrient density and value.

Why Is This Called A New Hardcover Version?
As we mentioned above, this book has been around for quite a while as an e-book and it’s principles have been proven for more than a decade. However, in 2013, the book was completely revamped and rewritten with all the latest information, improving even more on all areas that it covers. This new version is available in hardcover or kindle versions from Amazon and other regular book stores.

If You Aready Own The Older Version, Should You Buy This New Hardcover One?
Tom Venuto best answered this, in a recent audio interview, which you can hear below:

Who Is The Author, Tom Venuto, And Why Should You Read What He Says?
Tom Venuto author of burn the fat feed the muscle hardcover book
Tom Venuto is a natural bodybuilder and fitness writer, recently named among the 100 most influential people in fitness for the last two years in a row. Oprah Magazine said, “Venuto is honest about what it really takes to lose weight.”

He has been in the fitness industry since 1990 and since then, he’s worn almost every hat in the business – personal trainer, health club manager, nutrition consultant, fitness coach, competitive bodybuilder, online publisher and freelance writer.

He is the author of national best selling book “The Body Fat Solution” and also as described in this review of the burn the fat feed the muscle hardcover book. His articles have appeared in Muscle and Fitness, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Exercise, Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness and Ironman magazine, plus websites such as Bodybuilding.com and the Huffington Post.

What sets him apart from other parts of the fitness industry is that he does not sell or endorse any type of supplement product and has absolutely no affiliations to the supplement industry.  So if you’re sick of advertisements for miracle drinks or magic pills, and you want to learn how to transform your body naturally with real food and intelligent training, then you’ve made the right choice to buy his book.

Is This Book Easy To Read Or Will I Need A Dictionary? 
This book was written in the simplest of ways but with the most accuracy possible. I have never seen such simplicity and honesty in words, when it comes to fitness & nutrition. Venuto manages to explain the topics in the book in a way that in essence he teaches you what you need to know and how to apply it into your life. His authorship ways will have you breeze through the book like you are reading a letter from a close friend. It’s as much enjoyable as it is educational & eye opening about a lot of misconceptions about nutrition and training.

Is The Program Easy To Follow?
Fat loss is never easy but it can be planned and it’s very predictable. If you expect some magically effective program/solution/diet then please do not buy this book. I repeat: If you are looking for the next easy-peasy diet book on the market, do not buy this book!

This book TEACHES and EDUCATES proper mentality and appropriate, health-driven, nutrition and workout values & principles that you can cherish & apply for the rest of your life. You will, in reality, become an expert yourself in the area of fat loss & nutrition. The information provided within the book is so complete & real that you will never look at your nutrition as a “diet” ever again. In fact, Venuto will teach you how to identify those fad diets out there, so you know yourself and warn others against them.

What Kind Of Results Will I Actually Get? 
burn the fat feed the muscle resultsWell, that depends from person to person and how hard you are willing to work. However, there is a multitude of people who have competed in Tom Venuto’s body transformation challenge, applying the Burn The Fat principles, with amazing results. The photos speak for themselves (more photos are included within the book).

You can adjust the program to whatever needs you have. Whether you have 100+ pounds to lose or whether you need to lose 5 pounds to get that extra stubborn body fat burned. The Burn The Fat principles can be applied to all ages and all fitness levels, whether you are a complete beginner to someone who has been training for years.

And if you are a complete beginner, the author teaches you techniques which will destroy any inclination of intimidation towards exercise you’ve ever had. You will get so motivated just from the “goal setting” chapter itself, you will never look back again.

What Do The Chapters Of The Book Include?
The book is written in a concise and organized way that includes the main 4 elements of what Tom Venuto calls the “L.E.A.N. Plan Of Action”.

This plan of action includes:
a) Learn: Mental Training & Goal Setting For Successful Long-Term Results
b) Eat: The Nutrition Principles Behind Healthy Fat Loss
c) Activate: Cardio Training And How It Can Maximize Your Fat Loss
d) New Body: How Weight Training Can Benefit Your Health & Body Shape

There is also a chapter on advanced strategies for those who are already experienced in fitness and want to take their body to the next level. The book includes several pages of sample meal plans for both men & women, nutritional information & food lists.

I am Not A Bodybuilder Nor Do I want To Become One. Is This Book For Me?
This book is not for bodybuilders. It’s for everyone that needs a complete book on health and fitness and everyone should have a book like that in their library. There is literally no other book on the market right now that covers health and fitness so completely. You get it all: nutrition, mental training, weight & cardio training and more. This is not your typical diet book. It covers all the bases and if you only need help in one or two areas, it will help you. There is something for everyone in this book.

This book is not about becoming ripped like a bodybuilder or a fitness model (unless you want to). This book is about what you can learn from the leanest people in the world and how to put those principles to good use for your own benefit and individual goals.

Tom Venuto discusses in more detail in this audio:

The principles found within this book will change your life forever. We do not say this lightly. This book is not a fly-by-night nor is it a diet program that you will do for a couple of weeks and then forget. This book has been proven to work by more than 300,000 people from all around the world. This is a fact and the testimonials are in the thousands. So, if you want something different and complete that you can implement into  your lifestyle in a healthy and complete way, please buy this book. It will benefit your life in ways that you will be thankful for years from now.

Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle is available in hardcover and e-book format from Amazon.com and other online retailers like Barnes & Noble, Google Play and the iBooks store.

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